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Проект для Colliers international (EN)

Colliers International

В ноябре 2014 года завершена разработка СRM Integis. Сайт компании www.colliers.com (EN)

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Разработка СRM Integis (EN)
Разработка СRM Integis (EN)
Выполнена разработка новой функциональности и доработка несовершенной части системы: o Доработка систем фильтрации по клиентской базе компании o Реализована возможность отложенных предложений (флаеров) для клиентов компании o Генерация коммерческих предложений согласно корпоративному бренд-буку компании o Разработка модуля генерации истории изменений стоимости ставок по объектам согласно финансовым показателям и изменениям за отчетный период o Разработан механизм рассылок для клиентов Colliers International o Реализована возможность оценки работы руководителей департаментов компании * Выработаны рекомендации по улучшению отказоустойчивости и нагрузке системы * Реализованы инструкции по работе с системой, выработан единый стандарт внесения данных в базу объектов. (EN)
The Colliers International company expresses gratitude of the COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT for fast immersion in work on the project on modernization and improvement of CRM of the Integis platform. Integis – the CRM platform developed by Colliers International forces, covering all clients worldwide. Today the system unites all consultants in one information space and helps to conduct expeditious interaction with clients thanks to the uniform standard developed for many years of work. The COUNCIL team carried out big consulting work on identification of requirements of the main divisions of the Colliers International Russia company. Within the project, works on modernization of operation of the main modules of system were carried out: * Interviews to the heads of departments of the company are conducted, requirements in the unified register are collected, and planning & release management are built. * Development of new functionality and completion of imperfect part of system: o Completion of systems of a filtration on client base of the company o New developed functionality gives opportunity of the postponed offers (flyers) for the customers o Offer generation agreed to the corporate brand beech of the company o New developed module of history generation of changes of cost and rates on objects according to financial performance and changes for the reporting period o The e-mail service for customers o New developed functionality of evaluation of the work progress of heads of departments in the company * Recommendations about improvement of fault tolerance and loading of system are developed * Instructions on work with system are realized, the uniform standard of introduction of the objects given in base is developed … and many other things … We consider as the main criterion of job evaluation efficiency of work with system, relevance of the received information and competitive conditions, which constantly are updated and become actual for our clients. At the moment COUNCIL conducts support and development of Integis system thanks to what began to work more simply and quicker. We recommend COUNCIL company as reliable developer and consultant's IT in difficult projects. We hope for long-term cooperation and support of the COUNCIL team. CFO Colliers International Borek Carda
Проект для Colliers international (EN)
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